Our Story…

Blossom Natural Essentials initially began as a hobby for me at a time where I began to really become more conscious and enlightened about my body, my spirit and my health. I took more pride in what was going in my body, and realized what was going on my body was just as important . Also at this time in my life, around 2014, I was 24 years old and eager to try to grow my hair back to the length I had for most of my life. i’ve been natural my whole life, and had achieved great length through grade school, with much thanks to my mothers natural remedies and routines. Through this journey to healthier and longer hair I discovered that so many hair stores lacked to carry natural hair care, and those few that did have some choices carried products with a list of ‘unpronounceable ‘ ingredients as long as the nile river! lol Skincare products were even worse, a hodge podge of artificial preservatives, unnatural scents and harsh dyes consumed both aisles.

So with the frustration of few natural products for my kinky curly hair and my difficult combination skin, I decided to create my own.

The Ancient Greek philosopher plato states “ Necessity is the mother of invention”, and I am one to validate this.

Blossom Natural Essentials officially released in 2015, on my 25th birthday, only with a hair oil and some natural sugar scrubs for the skin, soon flourishing with added soaps, shampoos, conditioners, clay mask , and many other all natural essentials for your hair and skin.

“Discover the natural beauty within”


Our Philosophy...


Our company truly believes in nurturing not only your hair, skin and body, but also nurturing your mind and your spirit as well. We believe you should not have to trade health for beauty, so ensuring that all of our products are completely natural and organic, free of artificial preservatives, dyes or fragrances is our philosophy.